Russian Standard Vodka 750ml
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Russian Standard Vodka

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Category Flavored Vodka
Origin Russia
Brand Russian Standard
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
The production process includes four principal stages-mashing and fermenting, distillation and rectification, filtration and relaxation, and bottling and packaging. Russian Standard vodka is made from wheat grown on the Russian steppes. This wheat is ideal for vodka production, as it grows very slowly, accumulating valuable proteins in the process. Vodka made from such grain is characterized by its high quality and excellent taste. Pure, soft glacial water from the frozen north of Russia is used to dilute alcohol. The waters of Lake Ladoga and the Upper Neva have always been considered the softest and most appropriate for the production of Russian national drinks. Multiple distillations allow for achieving an absolute purity of spirit. Filtered through charcoal and-in the case of Imperia, quartz-as many as four times, Russian Standard vodka is cleansed from all impurities. By precisely matching the standard of 40% alcohol by volume, measured in accordance with Professor Mendeleev's formula, all Russian Standard vodkas meet the exact criteria for creating authentic Russian vodka. Mendeleev's perfect equilibrium is ensured by a 48-hour maturation process.
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  • we82

Nondescript nose only offers dry notes of parchment, stone and lead. Entry is sweet and a touch flabby due to lack of acidity; the midpalate improves but reflects the acid deficit. Finishes as it starts with no glaring flaws, but blander than I expect from a Russian vodka

August 1, 2008

M & M Liquor and Market

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